Northcote and Thornbury hit by series of burglaries

Northcote and Thornbury have been hit by a series of residential burglaries in the last week. Thieves appear to be getting bolder with one perpetrator caught trying to break in through a window by the resident. Police are advising residents that burglars have recently been most active Mondays, Fridays and Saturdays during the hours between 11am and 2pm.

Preston Leader

19 Jun 2013

While tougher economic conditions may be a contributing factor to increases in this type of crime, it is also why we all need to be more vigilant about the security of our own homes. No one needs to experience the feelings of vulnerability casued by a break-in, nor do they need to hassle and expense of replacing items either themselves or by paying an excess fee to a insurance company.

Police statistics show that there were 29,235 burglaries in Victoria in 2011/12. That was an increase of 6.2% on the 2010/11 period.

Further crime statistics show that 79% of burglaries occur during the day time. While 54% occur through forcible window entry. Over 70% of the homes burgled have no type of home security system.

It would seem that we can all do a lot more to protect ourselves and our homes simply by investing in simple security meaures such as good door and window locks, security doors and even alarm systems.  All these act as deterants for potential thieves.