All’s well that ends well – A Porsche returns home

Porsche symbol
Porsche: No substitute

Last week, we told you the sad story of the Ivanhoe East resident who had his Porsche Cayenne stolen (despite it being locked).  The thief stole the key from inside the owner’s house which was accessed by an unlocked back door. (We have been warning you).

We’re pleased to be able to report that East Ivanhoe man and his Porsche have been reunited.  Banyule police report that a Fitzroy man has been charged with stealing the luxury car.

The accused will remain in custody until he goes before the Magistrate’s Court this Thursday.  So all you Porsche owners can let out a sigh of relief – for the time being.

We’re sure at least one East Ivanhoe man will be making sure not only that his Porsche is locked but that he also locks his back door from now on.