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The guys at Metrolock were fantastic and have extensive knowledge of security systems generally, however if they aren't quite sure they will brainstorm until they get it right and find the best solution to tricky situations. My first encounter with Metrolock was after being robbed which is unfortunately the reason most of us have experiences with locksmiths. I had decided that this time around I needed more security and i purchased a safe and new locks etc. James explained the simplicity and cost of alarm systems these days which are often wireless easy to install and for peace of mind reasonably inexpensive. I then decided to purchase an alarm system, the alarm was a challenge as I have a cat who would set off the pet sensors as he was very energetic, although James was sceptical about his own products he was determined to give it a go until he got it right. He spent a lot of time at my residence, doing just that, he was always careful of my animals as to not let them out and letting me know what he needed to do, he would also insist on cleaning up after himself which is unlike many other tradesmen I have had through my home. Recently James was here during an extension and asked if the electrician had put cable in for computers etc. the electrician had not done that and it was suggested by James that the right time to do it was now before the plastering because I would need more points one day, for the internet tv etc. James also was able to fix the phone line for as I had been without a landline for nearly 2 months due to the electrician not being able to find the fault, James found the fault within 15 minutes crazy but true! At the time of the reno I also purchase a doorbell video thing which is very helpful when you are at home on your own and people come to your door who either don't know/or don't wish to know, I have a choice now I either open the door or not or speak to them via the intercom. I have found both Rob and James extremely professional, helpful, on time, and very genuine. I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone for their security needs.

- sparkydog | in Thornbury VIC

These guys know what they are doing. They changed all of our locks for us when we bought our house, unlocked a window that had no key, and provided us with advice on alarms and external key systems. they are always friendly and helpful ...and their keys always work!

- Amanda C



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