Serial burglar operating in Ivanhoe, Bellfield

Police are reporting a series of 20 burglaries in the Ivanhoe and Bellfield areas in the last month. They believe the crimes are linked and being perpetrated by someone locally due to the close proximity of the break-ins. All the break-ins have occrrued in the area between Bell Street and Livingston Road (Darebin Road) and west of Waterdale Road.

Heidelberg Leader

19 Jun 2013

The offender has being using rocks or tools left lying around the property to smash windows or force open doors. In some cases tools have been taken from garden sheds in one property and used to break-in to another.

To avoid being burgled ensure you have good locks on your doors and windows.  Security doors add an extra line of defence to protect your home.  Also, don’t leave items around the backyard that can be used to smash windows or pry open a door or window.  Make sure your garage or tool shed is also secured with a good quality lock.

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