Bushfire and CFA

Bushfire season is here again

Recent fires in the Diamond Creek area remind us that it’s bushfire season again in Victoria.  However, it’s not just those who live outside cities who need to be careful. Grassfires are also now common in Melbourne’s northern suburbs especially near greenbelts and large grass reserves (e.g. near freeways).

This week’s Diamond Valley Leader (pp12-13) has an excellent guide on what do if:

  • you live on a fenceline next to grassland
  • you live 1 or 2 streets away from grassland OR
  • you live near bush

Know your fire risk_2014 diagram


If you want to be more proactive then you can attend Fire Ready Information sessions being held in St Andrews, Panton Hill, Plenty and Eltham.  See the chart below for dates, times and locations.

Fire Ready Info Sessions

Or for those living in or close to bushland there are are more in-depth Bushfire Planning Workshops in Hurstbridge, Kangaroo Ground, Wattle, Yarrambeat, Research and North Warrandyte.

Bushifre Planning Workshops