Car theft and car crime on the rise in Richmond, inner Melbourne

  • Never leave keys in the ignition when your vehicle is unattended
  • Close all windows and lock all doors
  • Lock your car when paying for fuel
  • Don’t hide spare car keys on the car

This is the advice from Yarra Police who are warning there is an increase in car crime in the area. They are reporting 140 thefts from vehicles a month and 30-40 thefts of vehicles per month. Apparently there is no hotspot or days of the week but evening and overnight are danger periods.

Police say that 90 percent of thieves have drug issues such as dependency on heroin or ice.  Valuables such as computers, phones, wallets, toolboxes, power tools, sunglasses and loose change are commonly stolen.

Eltham Police are also advising tradesmen  not to store valuables in their vehicles as thieves have been smashing windows where valuables are visible.