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CCTV moves to digital

What are the benefits of digital CC-TV?

Just as mainstream cameras have moved from analogue to digital so have specialised cameras such as those used in CC-TV.  Digital CC-TV or IP Cameras have been around for awhile but were significantly more expensive than analogue options.  However, this has now changed and IP cameras are now equivalent in price to many analogue products.

But there are other reasons apart from price that make using IP/digital CC-TV a better deal.

Moving to a digital, network video surveillance system provides several benefits that can’t be provided by an analogue video surveillance system. The advantages include:

  • superior image quality
  • remote accessibility
  • easy installation and integration.

Superior image quality

Image quality is obviously one of the most important features of any camera, if not the most important. Superior image quality allows you to more closely follow details and changes in images, alowing you to make better and faster decisions to protect people and property.

Difference between analogue and digital CCTV
Digital CC-TV cameras generally range from HD 2-3 megapixel cameras.

No loss of quality

Another benefit is that images from a digital camera are created in a digital format and do not need to be converted further.  That means there is no image degradation due to distance traveled over a network. This is a significant improvement over analogue systems which do suffer from image degradation in the conversion process but also as the data travels over a coaxial cable.

Remote accessibility

In addition, digital images can be more easily stored and retrieved than in cases where analogue systems are used.

Easy, reliable installation

Digital CC-TV systems also run on improved cabling, with the standard Cat 5 or 6 cable now used rather coaxial cable. This cabling also allows for combined data and power (Power over Ethernet) which means only one cable is needed for power and video. This results in less time and cost in installation. Not to mention less messy cabling throughout your premises.


Finally, the real incentive to move to digital is that IP CCTV systems are now comparable in price to previous analogue systems.  So, just as we all gave away our VCRs and moved to DVD players when the prices came down, maybe it’s time to think about moving your CCTV into the digital age.