Christmas is a time for good deeds

We tend to focus on the worst traits of human behaviour.  But Christmas time often brings out the best in people.  A friend of Metrolock discovered a wallet in the gutter in front of his house while he was mowing the nature strip.  It was next to a parked car so he left a note on their windscreen to say a wallet had been found and to see him at his address.  The note was found later on his windscreen which he took to mean that they were not the owners.


So, off to the police station our friend went. There wasn’t alot of money in it but alot of ID and all the paperwork that makes our lives work.  It was clear that the wallet belonged to a pensioner so it was safe to assume that the owner would be quite distressed when she discovered the wallet missing.  The address indicated she wasn’t local to where the wallet was found so that would only add to the stress.

The officer who recorded the wallet being handed in commended our friend for his consideration.  She told him about two other incidents. One where a veteran had left $5000 in cash in the back of a taxi cab. It had no identification with it. However, the cab driver knew that the gentleman was visiting his son so the money was probably all he had and handed it in. A very relived and thankful Vetran picked it up later from the Police Station after they had tracked him down.

Another case was on Cup Day when a wallet with $700 was found at the train station, obviously as the punter was on his way to the track.  Again a good samaritan handed it in and it was safely returned to the owner.

It is heart-warming to know, at this time of year, that there are honest people in the world and not all losses are permanent.

Merry Christmas from James, Rob & George at Metrolock.

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