Stay safe and sound in the holidays

Protect your valuables while you’re away this holiday season.  Install a safe to keep your cash, jewellery and personal documents secure in the event of a break-in. After all if you have thought of a place to hide something then chances are a thief will have too. So, no more hiding your valuables in the freezer.

Safes are given a ‘cash rating’ by their manufacturer which is an indicator of quality. In other words, the higher the cash rating the harder the safe is to crack.  So if you have a safe with a $100,000 rating it will be more secure than one with a $2,000 rating. However, the rating also indicates the value to which an insurance company will honour losses if there is a theft.

You need to consider the value of the items being secured in the safe and select a safe that will not only protect those valuables but also has a cash rating that meets your insurer’s criteria.

Many insurers charge extra to insure high-value items. Locking expensive jewellery away in a sturdy safe can save you extra home insurance costs.

CMI Miniguard safesA CMI Miniguard is a good safe for households, with a cash rating of $10,000. It features:

  • 2 x 40 x 12 locking bolts with rear locking
  • Expanding fire seal around door frame
  • Interchangeable doors
  • Removable door (12kg) to aid handling
  • Removable shelf
  • Two 12mm bolt holes in the bottom
  • Total weight 66kg

Metrolock are reducing the price this December and January to $896.00.  You can have your new safe professionally installed for a total cost of $1050.00. We will advise on the best location and clean up after the installation.

Spread over the years, this is a small investment to protect items that are most likely irreplaceable.

Please call Rob or James direct on 1300 85 7771 for pre-Christmas installation.