Home Security Checklist

How Safe is Your Home?

When times come for you and your family to come home, wouldn’t you like to know you’ve done everything possible to make it a safe home-coming?

We’ve put together the following home security checklist to help you identify the areas around your home that require security precautions:

  1. Are all your windows secured with keyed window locks?
  2. Are your doors secured with double cylinder deadlocks/latches?
  3. If yes, can you unlock them from the inside when you are home without a key?
  4. Do your security doors unlock at all times from the inside without a key?
  5. Do you secure gates with a key lock?
  6. Do you lock away garden and/or work tools?
  7. Are you sure all locks are working correctly?
  8. Are your windows covered with window furnishings?
  9. Is your home secured with an alarm system?
  10. Is it a monitored alarm system?
  11. Do you have smoke detectors installed?
  12. Are your smoke detectors compliant with safety standards?
  13. Have you marked your valuable items in some way?
  14. If you have ceiling access, is it secure?
  15. Are pool gates / access doors secured correctly?
  16. Do you have a security light for when you come home?
  17. Do you have an emergency evacuation plan?
Crimsafe Security Screens
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If you answered NO to any of the above questions, consider for a moment how vulnerable you and your family may be.

Consider things like if you have fences or shrubbery which obscure your view of the street or neighbours, you are probably at a higher risk level and so may require better security.

The more precautions you take now, the less of a target you become.

You may also like to check with your insurance company as to their requirements for your home and contents insurance.

While it is true that if someone is determined to enter your home illegally, you are virtually powerless to stop them, the more secure you make your home, the less of a target you become.

The fact is that most of would-be burglars are not that determined and are looking for easy targets.

As your security professionals, Metrolock can advise you on how to become a less attractive target. Call us on 1300 85 7771 to find out how.