Broken into in Melbourne?

At Metrolock – Melbourne Locksmith – we understand that while losing a key, or locking yourself out is inconvenient this does not compare to the distress of having your home or business broken into and being robbed.

Apart from the financial loss of the things stolen there is that awful feeling of vulnerability and insecurity that this terrible situation brings.

We have been helping people in Melbourne to feel secure in their homes and businesses again for many years. It may be as simple as replacing door and window locks with better quality locks and this is where a locksmith will help you. We did a recent post on a home that had the lock levered out showing how easy it is for some locks to be broken. For a little more security in Melbourne it is advisable to have a good quality security door as well. Most thieves are lazy and will by-pass the hassle of breaking through two layers of security.

Of course locks alone won’t stop a determined thief and this is where a quality alarm or CCTV system can come in.  It will not only help with you feel more secure but may also reduce your insurance costs. You could also look at a security door. These look like a fly wire door but are quite a bit tougher..

Metrolock Install and Recommend CrimSafe Security products

If you have recently been broken into and still feel vulnerable then call us. We can provide advice of a level of security will restore your peace of mind.