Safe Cracking

Old safes are hard to get in to. Let’s face it they should be. But who knows what treasures they may hold.  At Metrolock’s Northcote store we have a safe that could be considered an antique or at the very least vintage.

Victoria Safe Co. Brunswick. VicThis classic was sitting in a storeroom at the old corporate office of one of Australia’s most iconic underwear brands. It was only discovered when they were moving into different premises and had to clean out all their storerooms.  Under a mountain of underpants (think Chesty Bond or Pat Rafter), they found a safe that no-one remembered was there.

IMG_2558[1]Of course, everyone became curious about what riches might be inside. Metrolock to the rescue! Due to the age of the safe we had to drill it open, revealing some documents and a stash of coins. We’re not sure how much it added up to but I’m guessing it probably funded some office drinks.

The company no longer needed the safe so we took it. It has been fully refurbished with a new combination lock and now sits proudly in our store.

It just goes to show that your money really is safe in (or under) Bonds!

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