How to stop identity theft with a padlock

Identity theft is now a real threat for many people. With most of us relying on electronic banking, we need to keep our identities secure to protect ourselves against fraud.  Everyone has heard about the ATM and EFTPOS skimming scams but there are other ways thieves can steal our identity. Police in the Coburg area are advising residents to make their mail boxes more secure by putting a good padlock on them and ensuring mail can’t be stolen. Let’s face it most of the mail we get these days is boring stuff like bank and credit card statements. And it is these documents that can be stolen and ultimately used to steal our identities.

And it’s not just about when the mail arrives but also when you throw it out or recycle it.  It is advisable to shred documents that contain your name and address and other identifying information.  Even marketing material such as unsolicited credit card offers, vouchers or promotional materials that are addressed directly to you can potentially be stolen and used to build up an ID profile.

A quality padlock seems likes a worthwhile investment to keep your identity secure.

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Police advise using padlock on mail boxes

27 May 2013