Top 10 Tips on How to Protect Your Business

Keeping your business safe and secure should be your top priority. Are you doing everything possible to prevent theft or damage to your property? Here are 10 tips adviced from experienced locksmith, which will help you protect your business:

  1. Put high quality locks on all doors and windows. Deadbolt locks on doors should have a tamper-resistant steel bolt, and there are different options for window security depending on what you need (tamper-resistant glass and steel shutters are two such options).
  2. The alarm system should be connected to a station of a 24 hour locksmith and be fully licensed. Advertise that you have this system, using signs and decals that are clearly visible.
  3. Keys and their usage need to be carefully monitored. Always put keys in a locked secure location when not in use and do not allow duplicates to be made.
  4. Maintain a complete inventory, including serial no.’s, to keep track of items and for identification in case of theft.
  5. Light both the interior and exterior of your property. Make sure to keep entrances and exits well lit.
  6. Keep your property well maintained and up to current fire and safety standards. Check smoke alarms regularly and give staff training for emergency procedures.
  7. Install security cameras or other surveillance equipment and remember to check for any blind spots.
  8. Train employees on theft detection, prevention, and safety guidelines.
  9. Check insurance coverage regularly to make sure you have the best policy to cover your needs in case of property damage or theft.
  10. Have a disaster recovery plan that will enable you to protect important data in case of natural disasters.

In terms of safety, you have to think of every possibility.The best practice is to get advice from a trusted security professional that can help keep your investment safe. Contact Metrolock, trusted locksmith in Melbourne for help right now.

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  1. i really liked second point as security systems are an excellent way to deter. interesting read & thanks James for informative tips.

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