Key for Power industry lock

Victorian Power Industry Locks

The Victoria Power Industry has joined forces to develop an teh Victorian Power Industry Lock for power meters. Locking your meter protects your home or business from unauthorised access to your power supply. This means criminals won’t be able to turn off your security systems just by turning off the power at your meter.

Using a VPI lock means that anyone needing access must use a securely issued key to access the meter. However, the locks have been specially designed on a master key system to allow power meter readers access to open all locks. If you lock your meter with an ordinary lock then power companies will be forced to always use estimates on your power bill instead of actual readings which may lead to over-charging.

Another benefit of the Victorian Power Industry Lock is that key copying is strictly controlled. The VPIL key is issued with a security card which you need to register.

Once registered you can use a current energy statement and provide your security card number to have another key cut. Keys cannot be copied without this form of identification and keys can only be issued by authorised retailers.