Commercial security systems


Metrolock can provide all your commercial security systems. We can advise and install a range of security solutions, from commercial-grade locks to master key systems, from security doors to CCTV and security alarm systems.

Here is a checklist to help you start thinking about the commercial security systems solution that’s right for your business.

  • Are there appropriate locks on all external doors and windows?
  • Do you have security doors externally and also internally for high-risk areas such as server rooms?
  • Do you need a CCTV security system that can be monitored and managed remotely?
  • Do you have an adequate alarm system to act both as a deterrant and as an early warning system?
  • Do you have a safe to keep documents and keys secure from fire as well as theft?
  • Do you need a master key system to help manage who has access to different areas of  your premises?
  • Do you need electronic access control to your business premises?

Commercial Security Systems can include a range of different security measures such as alarms, CCTV, security doors, access control and safes.  Depending on your requirements for your home, office or business, Metrolock can advise on the right combination for you.

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