Access control

Access Control

Need to expand access of your premises without compromising on security? An access control system is the answer!

Access control systems allow authorised personnel to enter your premises through the use of a remembered code (PIN or passwords), authorisation item (swipe card or access chip) or by unique physical attributes (fingerprint or retina) giving your property a new level of control and security.

With the ability to also limit authorisation to restricted areas, a Metrolock access control system can give authorised persons the ability to move freely through authorised areas with no security breaches. Keep track of every access to your premises, whether it’s logging employee hours, seeing who’s currently in your building or detecting unauthorised access to your premises.

Why choose an Access Control System?

More traditional key systems allow unmetered access to any key holder, which can be a significant security issue. Access control systems allow you to dictate who can access your premises, when they’re able to and where they’re able to access much easier than the most sophisticated lock and key system.

Whenever you need to provide access to your premises simply activate their authorisation (card, pin, fingerprint etc), set their authorised areas and they’re ready to go on the first day. Never cut a new key or have to rely on someone else to open up again! When authorised personnel move on, simply deactivating their authorisation is all it takes to ensure your premises is safe and secure. It’s that easy. You’ll never even have to stress about a case of lost keys again!

Access control systems are perfect for:

  • Offices
  • Apartment complexes
  • Membership clubs
  • Fitness facilities
  • Restricted access areas
  • Staff-only areas
  • Storage facilities

So what are you waiting for? Get your premises outfitted with a state of the art access control system today to take advantage of keyless entry, improved security and peace of mind. Call us now on 1300 85 7771 to learn more about Metrolock’s range of access control systems and get a quote for your premises today!

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