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Metrolock supply a wide variety of safes including domestic safes, commercial safes and also firearm safes. These safes are instrumental in the protection of your valuables from both fire and theft and will reduce your insurance costs

Below are some examples – please feel free to contact us if you would like more information on these products.

Home One Hour Fire Resisting SafesDefiance Safe

Defiance Safe Co have a large range of Home Fire Resisting Safes. [Defiance Safe PDF]

Metrolock can organise for installation of this safe at your house.

The features of these safes are:

  • Easy to operate with either digital lock or Key and combination lock
  • 2 bolt locking to resist attack
  • 1 hour fire rating, tested to 1000 degrees centigrade
  • bolt down fixing.

 CMI Home Safes

CMI Home Safes are ideal for moderate security in the home when properly secured to the floor and or wall.

Metrolock can organise for installation of this safe at your house.

  • DOOR: Heavy 12mm steel plate with rear dog bar to ensure security even if hinges are cut through.
  • BODY: Heavy 6mm steel reinforced with steel bar all around front edges.
  • MOUNTING: All models are provided with 2 x 15mm holes in back and base for fixing with 4 masonry anchors.

Recommended overnight cash holding for all models $5,000.

CMI HomeguardCMi Homeguard safes

Metrolock can organise for installation of Homeguard Domestic Security Safe HG1 at your house or business premises.

  • 7 Point locking 25mm diameter boltwork
  • Expanding fire seal around door frameSecondary relocking device
  • Door (20kg) removes to aid handling
  • Fully adjustable shelf
  • Two 12mm bolt holes in bottom
  • Designed to give 1/2 hour fire protection

Recommended overnight cash holding for all models $10,000.

CMI Miniguard

CMI Miniguard safesMetrolock can organise for installation of Miniguard Domestic Security Safe at your house or business premises.

  • 2 x 40 x 12 Locking bolts with rear locking
  • Expanding fire seal around door frame
  • All doors are interchangeable
  • Door (12kg) removes to aid handling
  • Removable shelf
  • Two 12mm bolt holes in bottom
  • Designed to give 1/2 hour fire protection

Recommended overnight cash holding for all models $10,000.

Commercial SafesCommerical grade safe

CMI SECURITY RANGE: Commercial grade safes in the CMI “Security” range, offer first class theft and fire protection in the one unit. Economically priced, the safes feature large internal space, with adjustable shelving and drawers and come in a range of 11 sizes – from 610mm to 1820mm high. The CMI Safe Co. has been designing, manufacturing and servicing safes throughout Australia for over 50 years. CMI Safes are used by all State and Federal Governments and many of Australia’s leading National Companies.

BODY: Overall thickness of 80 mm. The barrier features a highly efficient material between inner and outer walls of specially reinforced steel.

DOOR: Total thickness 85mm. The ‘Security” door provides a heavy steel front section supported by drill-resistant hardened plate over all vital lock areas. An inner panel of fire resistant compound also adds to the fire protection.

INSURANCE COVER: A conservative suggested risk rating for Security Range safes overnight holding of cash and valuables would be $15,000 in an unsupported situation.

ANCHORING: 2 x 20mm holes are provided in all models for anchor mounting to floor.

LOCKING: One La Gard 6 digit electronic combination lock model 3600, powered by 2 x 9v alkaline batteries, which secures the heavy 28mm front & rear locking bars, further supported by two automatic re lockers.

FINISH: CMI “Security” safes are available in attractive enamel durable finishes to suit office or home. Satin finish handles, locks and fascia panels complement the high quality appearance.

INTERNAL FITTINGS: All models except SB have two lockable drawers and two adjustable shelves. SB has two adjustable shelves only.

FIRE RESISTANCE: The Security Safe has been designed to give one hour fire protection.

SUPRA Slimline KeySafe & CoverKeysafe

The SUPRA® Slimline KeySafe attaches securely to any wall or flat surface and holds 2-3 yale keys or 1 chubb key.

The KeySafe is supplied with a black neoprene cover which simply slips around and over the KeySafe hiding it from view and protecting it from the elements.

All KeySafes are made from Zinc Alloy and come with a 24 month guarantee.

The Slimline KeySafe is supplied with a fitting kit which consists of 4 heavy duty expandable dyno bolts.

These bolts have proven to be the most substantial way of fixing your KeySafe to brickwork.

These bolts are STRONG, SECURE and very EASY TO USE.

External Size: 4.5″ High x 2.25″ Wide x 1.5″ Deep

Internal Size: 3″ High x 1.5″ Wide x .75″ Deep

HPC Key Cabinets

A Secure Location For All Your Keys

Key cabinet open

Key cabinet closed

  • Rugged Steel Construction
  • Strong Piano Hinged
  • Easy Mounting
  • Cam Lock with 2 Keys
  • Slotted Steel Key Racks
  • Numbered Key Tags with Snap Hooks (Included)
  • Lock Location Chart
  • Neutral Sand Color
  • Includes All Necessary Hardware for Easy Mounting

Firearm safeSportsman Firearm Safes

  • All 2mm construction
  • External Size – H 1500mm x W 405mm x D 305mm
  • Internal Size – 180mm high lockable ammunition cupboard
  • Clear area below cupboard – H 1315mm x W 400mm x D 230mm
  • Clear internal access width 235mm
  • Secured by full rear angle locking and 3 x 16mm front sliding bolts with 6 lever “Ross” key lock
  • 4 x 16mm bolt holes in base
  • Weight – 53 kg
  • Colour – Burgundy

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