Security Alarms

Protecting Your Home or Workplace

We understand you really want to do everything you can to safeguard your home or office. NetworX Security Alarms will help you. It’s the smartest move you can make to feel safe and secure. With advanced and reliable technology, and using strategically placed sensors, the NX-Series Security Alarm has you covered in protective security.

If an emergency occurs, the system detects it instantly and responds immediately. Although it is highly sophisticated, the NX-Series is remarkably simple to operate, securing your home with a push-button ease. You can also install modules which add special capabilities to your system, like opening the garage door or controlling the lights and heating.

It’s easy to see why the NX-series is one of the best investments you can make. It guarantees performance you can rely on.

How Your Security Alarms System Works

The NX-Series can use a combination of door and window sensors, glass break sensors, and interior motion sensors to detect unauthorised entry. The code pad gives you full control over the system and allows viewing of all devices with ease.

The system can be “Armed” so a loud siren will sound if an intrusion device is activated.

Sensors on the doors that are used for entry and exit have a delay time allowing you to leave and re-enter while the system is “armed”. While you are at home, just press the “partial “ button, and interior motion sensors can be by-passed to allow freedom of movement inside your home, while still protecting doors and windows.

With the NetworX NX-series’ built-in digital communicator, alarms can be immediately reported to an alarm monitoring station, which is staffed 24 hours a day, ready to report a burglary, fire, or panic condition to you or the proper authorities.

We’ve made the NX-Series the simplest security system to operate.

Advanced Wireless Technology Option

Sometimes it’s impossible to run wires and sensors needed to provide complete security.That’s why for these specialised installations, the NetworX NX-series offers a wireless receiver and a selection of security sensors. Designed to compliment the NX- Series security system, this full line of wireless equipment allows you to tailor a security system to your exact needs.

Metrolock also recommends the Crow Wireless Alarm system. The CrowKit 298 has  a control panel, 2 x sensors, 2 remotes and the ability to link the system to a phone line so you can receive a call if security is breached.

Motion Sensors

These wireless infrared motion detectors provide an extra margin of safety by sounding the alarm and signaling for help when an intruder is detected in your home. Without the need for wires, they can be placed anywhere they are needed for additional security. A Pet immune version is available so you can keep your pets inside, without them activating the alarm.

And you can take your investment with you if you move.

Door/Window Sensors:

Just add a sensor to any door or window in those hard to reach places that need protection. There is no wiring required, so these reliable sensors are on guard in just minutes. They can be placed on safes, medicine cabinets, gates, or doors.

Wireless security Alarms

These are useful where you want to set up a new alarm quickly they are very useful for temporary shops such as Pop-up shops

Wireless alarms

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