Protect your pop-up shop in Melbourne

  • Is your business part of the new retail trend: pop-up shops?  
  • Do you have a short-term lease?
  • Are you thinking about security for your shop but want to keep shop fit-out costs low?
Vacant shop ideal for pop-up shop
Even if it’s a short term lease, you still need to think about security

Here’s a few suggestions for cost-effective and portable security measures you can put in place to protect your stock and your shop.

Alarm system

Most people think of an alarm system as something that is hard-wired into a property.  But now you can install wireless alarms systems. And a wireless alarm system is also portable.

Metrolock recommends Crow Wireless Alarms. This system has a control panel, 2 x sensors, 2 remotes and the ability to link the system to a phone line so you can receive a call anytime the alarm goes off. And because the system is wireless it is easy and quick to install.  Plus when you move premises you can remove it and re-install in your next location.


If you want a little bit of extra security then CC-TV is worth considering. CC-TV systems can be set up to suit your shop/premises. You may only need a camera for each entry/exit.

The advantage of CC-TV is not only is it a good deterrant to thieves but it can also be very helpful to police in identifying criminals which ultimately could lead to stolen property being recovered or a source of vital evidence for other crimes.


Regardless of whether you install an alarm system or CC-TV,  it is still important to have good quality locks on all external doors and, where needed, internal doors.

blocker plate
A simple blocker plate can be the precaution that stops a break-in

Make sure you use a blocker plate on eternal and even some internal locked doors to make it impossible for someone to pry open your lock through the gap between the door and the door frame.

Other security measures

There are also a couple of other very cost-effective measures you can put in place.

  1. Put a ‘This property is protected by [name of security company]’ sticker in the window or front door of your premises.
  2. You can also buy dummy siren/strobe boxes to put on the outside of your premises to deter would-be thieves from targeting your business.

Any or all of these security measures can help you protect your pop-up business while keeping operating costs low.