Council to use grant to install CCTV in Brunswick

Moreland Council have voted to receive a $250,000 grant from the State Government to install CCTV in Brunswick despite 60% of surveyed residents being against it. The Council also voted to contribute a further $250,000 from its own budget to contribute to the cost of installing CCTV, increased street lighting and other community safety measures.


Moreland Leader
17 Jun 2013

There has been widespread debate within the Brunswick community and wider Melbourne   community after the murder of local Brunswick resident, Jill Meagher, last year.

Several councillors opposed the Council’s moves to accept the grant for CCTV, saying that more needed to be spent on violence prevention programs.


The Sydney Road Brunswick Association (local traders) supported the move to install CCTV.  Melbourne City Council have also accepted a grant from State Government to expand its CCTV network under the advice of police.