warehouse doller door

Roller door anchor lock

If you own or manage a  business which has a stores area or warehouse then chances are you have a roller door to allow access to this area.  You also probably have valuable stock or equipment in that area.  And even though roller doors have locks, you probably want some additional security.

The value of a roller door anchor lock

roller door anchor lock
How do you make this anchor lock fit in all places?

This is when you need a roller door anchor lock which will not only act as a deterrant, it will also  prevent forced entry.

A locksmith can easily install a roller door anchor lock for you, bolting the base plate into the concrete in front of your roller door.

But what if there’s a gap between concrete slabs or some other obstacle right where the base plate needs to be bolted? This is where having an experienced locksmith who know how to solve problems makes the difference.

Check out this video of James explaining just how his team at Metrolock solve these types of problems, ensuring the security of their commercial property customers.

Properly installing a simple piece of security like a roller door anchor lock can save you the stress, downtime and costs of a break-in.