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Things to think about when you move house

What things do you need to think about when you move house? How can you make sure you’re secure in your new home? Below is a quick list of security aspects to check when buying a new home or leasing a property.

1. Have the locks been changed?

If not, it is wise to change them as this means that anyone who has had key access previously will no longer be able to enter your new home.

2. Do the doors and windows have appropriate locks?

For  instance, newer houses or rental properties can have hollow core doors so can only have one lock installed which should ideally be a deadlock. Older homes tend to have solid doors and can have two locks installed.

3. Are there any sliding doors?  Do they have locks?

If you have sliding doors, make sure you have locks at the top and the bottom as this will prevent forced entry.

4. Are there sheds or gates?

Make sure you have an appropriate sized locks on sheds or gates which give access to the rear of your property.

5. Consider installing a wireless alarm system.

These are ideal for tenants as well as home owners. They are easy to install and can go with you when you move.

6. Check if there is appropriate security lighting at the front and rear entrances.

Moving is always stressful. Making sure your new home is secure will ensure you protect yourself against further stress so you can enjoy it.