How to increase your chances of recovering stolen property

We’ve previously put up a checklist of the things you can do to make your homes and business places more secure.  However,  sometimes despite our best efforts, we are the victims of theft.  So we thought we’d share some tips from the Victoria Police on what you can do to help recover (or replace) stolen property.

  • Make a list of your valuable items for insurance purposes
  • Take photos of expensive items such as jewellery and electrical goods
  • Ensure you have current and adequate insurance cover
  • Back up computer hard drives and keep these in a separate location to prevent loss of information if your computer is stolen
  • Use cloud storage for photos and other data created or stored on mobile devices
  • Mark your property using an engraver or ultraviolet markers with a V (for Victoria) and your licence number.  Marked property is harder for thieves to sell.

Prevention is always better than a cure, so make sure you check out our Home Security Checklist or Top Ten Tips on How to Protect Your Business.